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Take a HOT and Become an iCT Professional.

Whether you are a newbie, dummy or amature, the essence of our HOT (Hands-On Training) is to take you beyond and make you an iT [info-tech] professional.
This time around, in a grand style of 50% discount on all training enrolled knowing this will for real suit you more than ever.
we have also come up with weekend classes to help you give your career some impetus for those working as employees or who could not find time within week days but can avail themselves time on Saturdays.

We did find our students often complain, to our trainers they ask, "must you supervise and review all our assignments, must we defend our individual project work before we are certified" and so on ...
Yes, we always insist in other to ensure that each student measures up to competence in the field (s)he enrolled.

We also did find that couple of months after our students are certified, they do return to thank us bearing testimonial of making surplus earning in using the computer / iCT [Information and communication Technology] skill acquired - some as entrepreneurs and some others as competent employees; this has been our pride - exceeding your expectations.

Our goal remains to make you an iCT [Information and communication Technology] / Computer professional, this is why we train you for knowledge and to practice.

We have numerous iCT [Information and communication Technology] courses as website design, graphics design, networking, Laptop repairs, Digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization [SEO], Mobile App Development among others, available for all who wish to build a career in iCT [Information and communication Technology]. Our professional trainers are always available and committed to making it HOT (Hands-On Training) for you.

Are you looking for a place for iCT / computer training / skill acquisition in Enugu City - Come and take a HOT [Hands-On Training] at Pluto Systems - #02 Egbeme Lane, New Haven Extension, Emene Junction, Along Enugu-Abakaliki Express Road, Enugu State -Nigeria (+234(0)807 1775 447, +234(0)812 389 4648).

It's always HOT (Hands-On Training) at Pluto Systems Nigeria as we train you for both knowledge and to practice.  
Enroll Today and become an iCT Professional Tomorrow.